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Why - Spain

The land of paella, cured ham, tapas, soccer, art, and siesta. Besides that, Spain also presents itself as an attractive destination for international students being the third country most visited in the world. If you wish to live and study in a country which makes people feel at home and soak up the Spanish culture, Spain offers that and much more. Discover more about the country’s History, visit its museums and architectural masterpieces dated more than 1000 years old, dare to try its culinary treats which define the identity of each village of the peninsula and mix with locals who will your stay, a life experience.

Live - Spain

Different accommodation for different people. The cosmopolitan personality of the large cities of Spain offers a wide variety of student housing adapted to diverse lifestyles. Stay in a university residence, pick a cozy studio, share an apartment in the heart of Barcelona or Madrid or make yourself at home in a homestay family. There is an endless list of activities that you can do to make the most out of your stay. Enjoy outdoor activities during summer, spend some time with your friends and check out the nightclubs along the endless avenues of the cities.

Study/Work - Spain

Almost 500 million people speak Spanish all over the world, it is the official language of 21 countries and it counts with 350 million of native speakers. Students who learn Spanish in Spain highlight the quality of the education, the speed with which they can improve their skills and the good atmosphere between teachers and students. If you also want to combine your life as a student with work, the boom in the tourism of the large cities will help you to put your recently acquired skills into practice while you learn more about the county’s culture.

Night life

In Spain, the nightlife goes beyond the sunrise. Make some plans and experience a different kind of night out; Start off with a typical dinner, along with some nice Cervezas and live music. Spain offers you a variety of night activities such a theater and music, however, if you are looking for something a bit more exciting, gather with your friends, and head to one of the bars in the city or nightclubs. Keep the party until late, and start the day off with a hot chocolate and churros.


Walk, ride a bike or simply catch one of the bus tours in the city. Get lost in the most iconic cities in Spain. Discover the little cafes and tiendas in their little alleyways. Visit museums read about its history and practice your Spanish skills with the locals while creating lots of memories.


Food in Spain is a serious topic; and how could it not be, if every action has to have food involved. No matter if you are with your work peeps, family or friends, there has to be tapas. This country is one of the most attractive destinations for tourist, not only for its variety but for its affordability and quality. A great. Here you will find a large range of dishes, thanks to Spain’s geographical extension and diversity.

Flamenco Classes

The most traditional and well known folkloric dance of Spain. Original from the south of Spain, and most popular in the autonomous communities of Andalucia, Flamenco will seduce you. Why not learning this seductive and passionate art as part of your adventure in the land of the Spanish language.

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