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Why - Australia

Many will ask why? Well, we have the answer to that! Here you will have sun, sand, waves, good vibes, new friends, a new culture and the possibility to study while having so much fun. Get to know people from all around the world while living the experience of your life. Australia is one of the most multicultural countries in the world. Home of the Great Barrier Reef, the Sydney Opera House, kangaroos, koalas and crocodiles are some of the few marvels you will get to see. So why not Make Australia The Experience.

Live - Australia

With plenty of options as to where and how to live in this wonderful country, we are sure, your experience will be unforgettable. A homestay family or a student accommodation are some of the options for you to stay here. With a high demand for international students, Australia is prepared to offer you a high-quality place to live. Whether you are under 18 years old or a full-grown adult, we will make sure to assist you to find the right place while enjoying this paradise.


Study & Work - Australia

Your studies are a priority, and of course they are! since they will open the doors to your future career. In Australia you will be able to learn not only English as a second language, but also to further your studies in the areas you are passionate about. With a large number of Internationally Ranked Universities and high-quality language schools, make Australia a great study destination. As the holder of a student visa, you could get a casual job and work for a maximum of 40 hours per fortnight. This will enable you to learn more about the work culture and to practise your language skills.


Feel the sand, the cold water, and the adrenaline of riding some of the best waves in the world here in Australia. Discover why the land down under is a pilgrimage for surfers all around the world. Whether you are a professional or just starting, there are plenty of magical places for you to practice.

Scuba Diving

Explore the depths of the ocean, visit the infamous Great Barrier Reef, and submerge yourself into a world full of extraordinary creatures. From great white sharks to manta rays, in Australia you will live an unforgettable experience.

City tours

Hop on a bus, take some selfies, learn about the history, culture, and traditions of Australia and its cities. Hop off, and walk through their streets full of restaurants, cafes, and bars. Visit the Opera House, the Harbor Bridge, Federation Square, and St Kilda among others places that will attract you with their charm.


This is something that Australia does have! and it feels proud of. You could literally spend your whole life visiting a new beach every weekend here, and you might not be able to get to see them all. Relaxed, easy going, white sand, cold water, and beautiful waves are some of the things that Australian beaches can offer you.

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