Services - Mate Education


Visa Preparation and Application

You don’t have to worry about documents and communications with the school, let us take care of everything for you

School Enrollment

Don’t hesitate to ask us all your doubts, we are here to help you!

 The Consultation is totally free and personalized. Our  job is help you choosing the best school and the best learning pathway  that suits your needs.

Professional Migration Advice

If you would like to know more about how to migrate to Australia, our Registered Migration Agents can help you to clarify all your enquires and give you a migration professional advice.

Junior Programs Assistance

Seminars & Workshops

We want you to be well informed, we organize information sessions to let you know about living in Australia, adventure tips, migration advises, etc.

Looking for a job

Find a job in Australia we know that can be a big challenge.  But no worries, mate! This is part of our job. We will give you some very effective tips to start your search and give you some samples to make your resume in the Aussie format.


Free English Language Entry Test

This will help us to identify the right class for you in order to give you a chance to regularly and constantly improve your language learning

Direct Assistance during all your experience

We want to be your point of reference, a friend you can count  on!

                                                                      Airport Pickup and Transportation

Bank Account Opening and another legal document guidance

Free Assistance with your Health Insurance

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