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English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students. These programs, have been created for the purpose of teaching English as a second language in Australia, and to prepare the future student to acquire a proficiency level for further studies. ELICOS courses are mainly composed of General English, IELTS preparation, Business English, English for Academic Purposes (EAP), and Cambridge Exams.

Programs / Australia

VET Vocational Education Training

Vocational Education and Training. The VET courses focus on offering students from all around the world, occupational skills. These programs, cover a wide variety of skills in order to offer those who study them, apprenticeships and traineeships. In order to do a VET course in Australia, applicants need to hold a valid student visa and show English proficiency, according to the requirements of each institution and course. There are certain types of vocational courses such as Certificates I to IV, Diplomas and Advanced Diplomas. These courses are a great way to gain pathways towards Higher Education in Australia.

Programs / Australia

Higher Education

Universities in Australia have a high reputation worldwide. Having the opportunity of studying a higher education course in this country, will give you the experience and the knowledge to enter the workforce with confidence.

It is important to highlight that, Australia has 7 among the 100 most important universities in the world. Only 2 countries have more universities on this list.

Australia is a country, where it diversity and multiculturalism, allow international students to mix with other cultures. Its education system requires students to do a lot of research and become resourceful, in order to achieve their academic goals.

You can study from Bachelor Degrees to Master Degrees and Ph.D.’s at the Australian Universities.

Programs / Australia

Study Tours / Summer Camps

Learning a second language at an early age, is nowadays vital for the future of every individual. We offer you the possibility of sending your kids to learn about a new culture, to mix with locals as well as children from all around the world. While experiencing different activities, such as sports, arts, and self-development among others, they will improve their ability of communicating in a second language. We can tailor the course and the activities based on your needs for groups of different ages.

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