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Mate Education Team

10 Years Experience

We feel the confidence of knowing what do you want when it comes to studying and traveling overseas. For over 10 years, our team has been able to deal with people from all around the world and all types of study programs. That is why we are here to hear you out and assist you with the best options for your future studies.


We were students as well, and we understand what it feels to count the support and assistance of someone in a different country. That is why we have a professional team that will assist you with all your inquiries from the moment you start the process with us until you arrive at your destination.

International Team

From Europe to South America, corner to corner, we have a team of young professionals who speak different languages, ready to assist you and help you in making your dreams come true.

Around the World

You can find us pretty much all around the globe in the main continents. So, come visit us in Australia, Spain, Colombia, and Argentina to assist you in the process of studying and living overseas.

Customer Service

This is our passion and what keeps us going. Making sure that you have the best quality assistance is vital for us, reason whereby we strive to offer you accurate and up to date information about your processes and study programs.


Our mission is to offer to our customers the best professional service in education as well as student visa applications, based on honesty and clear communication. Our final goal is to orientate all those future and potential students to achieve their dreams, including the opportunity of living and working overseas


Education is an important key to succeed in this ever-changing world. As part of this, our vision is to assist and provide in the most professional, effective, accurate, and honest way, the relevant information to people who want to learn a second language, as well as improve and expand their educational skills, and become the leading international agency, in student recruitment around the world.

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