Christchurch is the third largest city in New Zealand and the third most populated on the southern island, where Wellington, the capital of the country is also located. But Christchurch is not known only for its size but also because it is the oldest city, and it also preserves much of that heritage despite the damage suffered by two terrible earthquakes that devastated the city just a decade ago and many of the most iconic buildings.


Surrounded by the New Zealand Alps and with a privileged location near the majestic Banks Peninsula, this city is one of the most popular destinations among fans of mountain sports, with and without snow. In fact, it is the departure point of the expeditions that go to Antarctica.In this city the climate is temperate, although the temperatures between stations are a bit more different than the average temperature of the north island. In fact, you will find a lot of snow more than once a year.Respect for job search Christchurch offers many vacancies in the hospitality industry so you can start making money, relatively easy when you arrive.

ventajas de vivir en AUSTRALIA
  • Clima estable
  • Tamaño manejable
  • Oportunidades de gran ciudad
Desventajas de vivir en Australia
  • Grandes distancias que recorrer si no vives en el centro
  • No tiene playa
Clima en Australia
  • Verano: diciembre a febrero de 22° a 35°
  • Inviernos de: 10° a 20°
  • Otoños y primaveras: 15° a 25°
Poblacion en Australia
  • Población: 2.1 millones 
donde vivir en Australia

Where to live in Christchurch?

The City: As in all the central neighbourhoods of a big city, the advantage is that everything will get you close, maybe even school and work too. However, by having this privileged location, you will be forced to pay a little more and it could be more difficult to find a room

Sumner. It is a coastal neighbourhood, although is less crowded in winter, in summer it is the site to stay and has a lot to do and very good atmosphere because it has also become very popular among the surfers.  

Merivale, this area still keeps the heritage essence of the beginning with a unique charm. Located at north of the city, it is a residential area, but with great diversity of establishments.  

 Fendalton: It is close to the University of Canterbury, which makes it very popular; it is not so expensive despite being close to the university. It also has good bus connections with the city.

Ilam: This is the neighbourhood of the University of Canterbury so it is full of students and the university youth environment is the best. It has everything, including a library that you can go to socialize and even study.

recomendaciones para viajar a Australia

Read this before you arrive in Christchurch

  • Christchurch has great beaches and very good waves, yes, but remember that in winter it is common that freezes and that you have to deal with the snow so yes, bring the flip-flops but also the coat and gloves in the suitcase.
  • There are still some remains of the devastating earthquakes that affected the area in 2010 and 2012 so do not be senseless taking disrespectful photos. Its people still have it in the memory.
  • If you are not going to live in the centre, it is best to get a MetroCard, it the card for public transport with which you will save 30% each way instead of paying in cash.
  • If you are going to buy a vehicle when you arrive, pay attention to the signs when parking, because sometimes the schedules of the loading  zones can be confusing
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