Brisbane is the third largest city in Australia after Sydney and Melbourne. It has a subtropical weather pretty much all year round, so forget about scarfs.

The best suburbs to live in Brisbane

It is a city without coast, and whether is hard to believe or not, this could benefit you, since work is not seasonal. The offer is Brisbane is rather better than other areas of the country.  If you are a beach person, Brissie aka by the locals, has a modern artificial beach, right near the city centre. But don’t worry, if you prefer real sand, you have an extended number of beaches to visit, no further than 2 hours drive on public transport, besides of all the islands nearby the coast line.

Brisbane is a super modern city, that has experienced a fast growth is the last years. It will be easy for you to spot these changes, due to the fusion of high-rise buildings and the famous old Queenslander houses, that make this state a very particular one.

If you have made the decision of making Brisbane your next home, the first step is to look for accommodation, and for that, it is important to choose on which side of the Brisbane River you want to be. In other words, you need to plan according to where your house will be, and where your school or work is. This will save you time and money when transporting yourself from one place to the other.

Advantages to live in Brisbane

  • Great weather
  • Easy to move around
  • Great living opportunities

Disadvantages to live in Brisbane

  • Large distances if you don’t live in the city centre
  • Doesn’t have beach

The weather in Brisbane

  • Summer: December to February from 22° to 35°

  • Winter from 10° to 20°

  • Spring and Autumn: 15° to 25°

Population in Brisbane

  • Population: 2.1 Million

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Where to live in Brisbane?

  •  Fortitude Valley 

It is the suburbs with the most night life activity in Brisbane; full of bars and night clubs, also has the famous China Town, and some stores and shops with Latin products, in case you get to miss home. It is located 15 mins from the CBD, reason whereby many people choose to live here.

  • Spring Hill

It is the bohemian suburb of Brisbane. Its fresh and laid-back atmosphere will catch you. Full of night life, cultural and musical events, as well as a wonderful farmer market every Saturday, West End is a great place to live.

  • West End

Es el barrio bohemio por excelencia cuya atmósfera relajada y decorada con bonitas casas tradicionales te podría llegar a conquistar. Con vida nocturna, eventos culturales, un enorme mercado los sábados y numerosos pequeños negocios de segunda mano. Eso sí, cabe señalar que,aunque está muy bien conectado con el centro, se encuentra en la otra orilla del río y puedes tardar según tu zona unos 20 o 40 minutos caminando.

  • SouthBrisbane

Located just right in-front of the City Centre, on the opposite side of the river. It has an extensive cultural offer, considering that the QPAC (Queensland Performing Arts Centre) is there, as well as the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Art Gallery. It is one of the most central places in the city, since it counts with one of the largest bus stations, as well as a train station.

  • Kangaroo Point

Just like West End and South Brisbane, Kangaroo Point in on the other side of the river. It is well connected with the CBD; you can either choose to cross the magnificent Story Bridge, catch a free ferry, most known as City Hooper. Along the river you will also find an extensive green area, full of public BBQ and Picnic areas to enjoy an afternoon with friends in the Australian way.

  • Milton

Milton is rather far from the city; Located 30 minutes from the CBD, has got a good offer in accommodation. Just remember, the further you are from the city centre, the lower the prices for accommodation.


  • St. Lucia

Located right next to the University of Queensland, this suburb is only 20 minutes’ drive from the city. It is an area full of international student, since it hosts most the people attending to the University. It is a quite and nice area, full of gardens along the river.

  • New farm, Greenslopes, Tenerife, Wolloongaba

Just like anywhere else in the world, the further you go from the city centre, the cheaper it is to live and your accommodation conditions could also improve. These suburbs are a great option if you don’t mind the commute or perhaps are thinking in buying your own car.

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Read this before coming to Brisbane

  • Even though, Brisbane’s weather is warm and tropical, if you are here on a student visa during the winter season, wouldn’t be a bad idea to bring a jumper for the rain. During the change of seasons there is usually storms, so you want to be prepared.

  • Public transport is somewhat expensive in Brisbane, (even though you could get a concession card depending on the type of study you are doing), however, it could be even more expensive if you forget to use your GoCard when accessing buses or trains. You will need to touch on and touch off every time you get on or get off the bus/train, otherwise you will be paying a higher fare.

  • If you buy your own vehicle in Australia, make sure to keep an eye on the parking permit areas. Some of these could be quite confusing, specially the Loading Zone’s ones.

  • Smoking isn’t as popular in Australia, and the public areas for non-smokers are well respected. So don’t be surprised if you find a No Smoking sign in the middle of the mall, or crowded areas of the city, like Queen Street.

  • The sun in Australia is dangerous, since the ozone later on this side of the planet has a huge whole, therefore it is recommended to use sunscreen every day. We recommend you to buy an Australian brand once you are here, since they are specially made to protect you.

  • Due to the heat and humidity, it is important to stay hydrated. You will find water fountains throughout the city, were you can ideally fill out your water bottle.

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