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Australia is one of the few places that activates the “good vibes” mindes. Indeed, close your eyes and imagine yourself in a paradise bathed by the sun with a surfboard stuck on a white sand beach .

It might sounds idyllic, however, it is quite close to being real. Australia has been described as one of the countries with the best quality of life offered to its inhabitants. It has also been founded by migrants, which will make your experience nourished by the multiculturalism of its people who will also be happy to share their own experiences with you.

Add to this, a low rate of unemployment (5.4% in March 2018), the sense of security that is breathed everywhere, a very young and dynamic population and the nature is so present.

The best mix to live an incredible adventure! right?

Cities in Australia

Fresh and natural, that is the Sunshine Coast. Enjoy its relaxed lifestyle, surrounded by lots of natural beaches, lovely rivers, lakes, subtropical forests and lots of sun; all of this far from the massive touristy areas. A perfect place to merge with locals and deepen up in your language learning.

Sidney Clases de Ingles

The most iconic city in Australia, and well known for its Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The biggest city in the continent is a marvel itself. Vibrant, alive, cosmopolitan, is how it gets defined by its inhabitants.

Gold coast surfing paradaise

More than 47 Km of white sandy beaches, skyscrapers, and a very active night scene, pretty much sums up Surfers Paradise. It is one the most traditional holiday destinations for Australians and people from all around the world.

cairns australia study and work

Cairns outlines for its simple and tropical lifestyle whose buildings do not exceed two heights. Located in the wildest Australia, surrounded by virgin jungles, forests, and kilometric beaches. 

melbourne the most reliable

It has been chosen the most liveable city for some consecutive years, and it is the second largest city in Australia.  With a somehow European atmosphere, Melbourne highlights a mix between traditional and avant-garde.

Study Intensive English in Brisbane

Brisbane is the third most populous city in Australia; this ever-evolving place has grown so much, to the point that it has turned into a multicultural and cosmopolitan city.


Study and migrate to Adelaie

Esta preciosa y desconocida ciudad se encuentra en South Australia, de cuyo estado es capital. A pesar de brindar numeras opciones de estudio y una calidad de vida inigualable

Byron bay clima, acomodación

In the small coastal town of Byron Bay, you will find a paradise for surfing and a chilled lifestyle. Well known for its young and relaxed atmosphere, nature plays an important role in the everyday life of its inhabitants. 

western australia road trips

The largest city on the Australian west coast and the fourth largest in the country. It is in full expansion and offers a great quality of life that students appreciate. Located on the banks of Swan River,  which through city life goes by and it is just a step away from hundreds of natural paradises of unique nature and virgin beaches of crystal clear water perfect for surfing.

Canberra es la capital del continente australiano, aunque todo el mundo piense que es Sídney, no lo es, de hecho, fue elegida capital como un acuerdo entre Sídney y Melbourne.

live in Darwin find acommodation

The capital of Northern Territory, it stills preserves the essence of the oldest living culture in the world, the Aboriginal, with a mix of Asian culture, colonial architecture, and outback. It is a paradise for nature lovers to be surrounded by the most spectacular national parks on the planet, KaKadú, Litchfield, Nitmiluk.

tasmania hobart clima

This city concentrates the business district of the Tasman Island. It’s notorious art, gastronomy and its delightful landscapes made Hobart a great study destination. All the Antarctic explorations start from here.

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