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Australia, a place surrounded by the Pacific and Indian ocean. Located in the southern hemisphere, where many would say it is too far to go, but for those who have lived the experience of visiting, a wonderful paradise on earth. Here, you will find from the rarest and in some cases the most dangerous animals on the planet (not to be afraid!), to the most beautiful beaches and enchanting landscapes. Its iconic cities and natural parks will take you on a journey, you will never forget. Mix with the locals, enjoy a traditional Aussie BBQ, learn more about the culture and study in a vibrant and summery environment, surrounded by sand, sun and good waves.


Located on Europe’s Iberian Peninsula, and home of the Spanish language. Spain is passionate, enigmatic, full of flavours, music, art and history. Its diverse culture, will take you on a journey through different landscapes, where you will always find a friendly face willing to speak to you about the magic of their town. Whether you are looking to experience the city life, the beach, or just a traditional small town, Spain has it all to make your study experience the most unforgettable of all. Learn a new language while enjoying its charms, let yourself be immersed in one of the happiest cultures in the world and explore in depth all its charms.

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