About us

Mate Education is an international student’s agency that recruits students who wish to study overseas. At Mate Education you will find assistance regarding course and study programs in Australia and Spain.


When it comes to deciding what and where to study, it is essential to have all the appropriate information in order to find the best options and the best prices. Just like you, we were students once, and had the same needs, questions and worries. That is why day by day at Mate Education we strive for offering a personalised service to each one of our students, making sure that they are getting an accurate and effective solution in order to exceed their expectations.

Mate Education and its team have been working in the education industry for more than 5 years, providing high quality assistance for international students. At Mate Education everyone is more than a customer, is a friend who we care for and strive to give them the best of our company.


Mate Education evaluates the needs of the students and assists them with the search and application for language and academic programs overseas, Student visa applications as well as accommodation, airport pick, workshops, translation and immigration services are some of the features you will find at Mate Education.

Vision statment
Education is an important key to succeed in this ever-changing world. As part of this, our vision is to assist and provide in the most professional, effective, accurate, and honest way, the relevant information to people who want to learn a second language, as well as improve and expand their educational skills.

Mision statment
Our mission is to offer to our customers the best professional service in education as well as student visa applications, based on honesty and clear communication. Our final goal is to orientate all those future and potential students to achieve their dreams, including the opportunity of living and working overseas.